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I was born in Canada and have lived in the UK most of my life. Done various jobs and then went to Kingston University where I gained a degree in business and finance. When I was at University I got into the old skool hardcore scene back in 1992 which is where I got hooked on the underground music. Since then I have started and run various companies within the dance music scene as well as being a producer and running various labels such as Definitive Dance, Warped Science, Underground Recording, Cloned and Destructive Force. As a dj, I have played at nearly all the top Hardcore and Old Skool events across the world including World Dance, Elevation, Slammin Vinyl, Moondance, Helter Skelter, Labyrinth, Dreamscape, Tribal Gathering, Phoenix Festival, United Dance, Asylum, Pleasuedome, Destiny, Obsession, UK Dance, Hardcore Dance Awards, Hysteria, Vibealite, Dream, Bristol Exposure, Fubar, Rezerection and Brunel Rooms to name a few…

In 1993 I Appeared on London's infamous Kool FM, moving on too other well known stations such as Don FM, Storm FM and Energy FM.
1993 was also the year I teamed up with ex Prodigy mc Ruff who toured the world with me for many many years. RIP - Ruff was a top person and very close friend that sadly passed away unexpectedly.

In 1994 I launched a radio station called Global FM which changed in Late 1994 to Dream FM which became London's number one pirate station on air seven days a week.

After being heard by EHM Productions and Kiss FM event co-ordinator 'Funky', whilst DJ'ing on Dream FM in 1995, I was booked for Elevation and has been booked for every EHM Productions event since then..

Between 1994 and 1999 I promoted 14 Events under the names Evolution, Dream
Allnighter's and Virtigo at various venues including Linford Film studio's, The Fridge, Labyrinth, Laserdrome, Rocket, Adrenalin Village and Bagleys Film Studio's.

1996 I launched Dream Dance Magazine which was one of the leading dance magazines on sale world wide in WH Smiths, HMV and other outlets 1996 I also had a Integral role in the introduction of hardcore music to Kiss FM (London) which was also aired on Kiss FM 102 (Manchester) and Kiss FM 105 (Leeds). The campaign was led through Dream Dance Magazine with Spinback being one of the first to host the show alongside Slipmatt, Vibes, Dougal and Sharkey.

Also in 1996 I Formed with McMc who was voted best Drum 'n' Bass MC, a five-man team named 'Rush Hour'. Appeared at World Dance in front of ten thousand people and has also appeared at Helter Skelter, Vertigo, Pleasuredome, Cocoon and Moondance to name a few.

In 1997 I was voted in the top four hardcore DJ's at the Kiss FM, MTV and Muzik Magazines Hardcore Dance Awards in 1997 along with Slipmatt, Vibes and SY.

Late 1997 was the year that I launched IMO Records which started off as a mail order company and has now branched into one of the main record shops in the country and the largest independent Warehouse shop now based in Wimbledon with an online store giving people value for money and the best service on the planet.

2002 saw the test re launch of Dream fm on line which has many top guests such as Hixxy, UFO, Force and Styles and Storm to name a few.

2002 also saw the launch of IMO Distribution which supplies vinyl directly to record shops world wide.

In 2004, having established IMO records, I decided to take the next step and launch IMOdownload, The first main Dance music download site covering all genres of dance music.

2005 saw the launch of IMOtv, Interviews with dj's, artists and ravers to be broadcast over the interternet.

In 2006 I founded a live PA Hardcore live act along with Mike Euphony and Vicky Fee called Heaven 7. We have been performing at various events around the country throughout 2006 and have had various releases out on Definitive Dance Recordings.....

As well as doing all of the above and much more I have also mixed over 10 Commercial Dance albums over the years including Dream CD's, Dreamscape CD, Spinback, Slipmatt & Dougal Take Control, For those That Remember, Wow Simply Hardcore & Old Skool Rewinds to name but a few.....

In August 2010 I sold IMO after successfully running it for over 12 years.

I am still into the music scene, it's in my blood! and still go out and do the odd sets here and there but not as much as I used to. I have since started a company selling printed and embroidered merchandise 123t along side a social poker business which puts social poker into pubs up and down the country.

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